About Me

Writer, director, producer. Oh, and I am a good cook, don’t like cleaning, but will do it to avoid humiliating my dear departed grandmother. As I wrote in a poem several years ago, I write to make myself right with the world, to feel the truth that life is neither just, nor right, but a story unfolding in the order just right.

Will be published soon. Just need to get over my annoyance at the whole process.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Karen; Polly sent me a link to your blog this morning. Your comments about my father’s memorial were beautiful. You caught the moment with your prose. I have shared it with everyone who has asked me how the day went. Thank you


  2. Hi Karen — I enjoyed our brief meeting in Sprouts today. I look forward to reviewing your work. It looks very interesting. I hope we can get together for a little “CVRI gossip” sometime! Regards, Beth Cost


  3. Hi Karen,

    The wonderful guest blog post you did for FoW – “The Chair Without My Butt In It” – is our Featured Post this week.

    (Wasn’t sure how to find you on Twitter. 🙂 Hope this is OK.)

    ~ Milli


  4. “When God hates the same people you do” was great! I had to open my own blog here so I could write you to tell you this, and now I’ll have to get busy on it! Gee, thanks!

    I too have the Celtic temper, as well as an Irish outlook on things. Since I was born 11/11, on a Friday at 11PM, the same as my departed father, I lay claim to all of the attributes of the Scorpio and the Celtic male!

    Thank goodness I now possess interventions. 🙂 Ric


    • Mukul, Thanks for asking. I took a break because I had a problem with my knee that made sitting impossible and caused pain that made thinking problmeatic. I’m back. Hope you continue to visit the Writing Shed!


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