If the C Word Fits . . .

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Arcady Eugene performing “Reclaiming ‘Cunt'” in 2010

I’m not sure how I even feel about the word “cunt.”

My stepdaughter Lisa Darter performed the Eve Ensler monologue “Reclaiming ‘Cunt’” flawlessly in the 2010 Tri-Valley Haven production of “The Vagina Monologues” in Livermore, California.

She reclaimed it.

When I hear a man call a woman a cunt, I know he doesn’t mean as women have reclaimed it. It’s not just pejorative, it’s aggressive. Much like the aggression tRump displayed in the debates between him and Hillary Clinton. Not to mention his bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. Not to mention . . . well so much to report so little time.

So what about when a woman calls another woman a cunt?

I’m not sure that I ever have, but with all due respect (don’t you love how politely rude that expression is?) to Ivanka, Samantha Bee hit the nail on the head when she called her a feckless cunt. I particularly like that she qualified the word cunt with “feckless.” That shoe definitely fits.

I wrote a post on Facebook that I supported Samantha Bee because many of us women are enraged that women who have power play the mother card while condoning (at least by their inaction) the horror of children being torn from the arms of their mothers and fathers. These are mothers and fathers who are coming here to escape violence.

So forgive me if I don’t feel that calling Ivanka a cunt was vile. I think what is happening is vile and she is vile for doing nothing to stop it. I understand Samantha Bee’s rage:

Ivanka snuggling“You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child, but let me just say, one mother to another: Do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless cunt! He listens to you!

“Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your father to fucking stop it.”

~Samantha Bee

It’s time for women to woman up and apply our “mothering” nature to a world broader than snuggling with one’s own child. We need to take action so that the world cannot act as if one child is worthy, but the other is not.

I said at the beginning I’m not sure how I feel about the word cunt. But, here’s how I feel about Samantha Bee’s calling another woman a cunt: If Bee had simply called her a cunt it wouldn’t have resonated. That she calls her a feckless cunt—well, you know if that Ivanka-line shoe fits, wear it.

We need to stop the march into facism. It’s the facism that’s vile, and anyone who can stop it and doesn’t is vile and feckless.

7 thoughts on “If the C Word Fits . . .

  1. love the phrase feckless cunt! I’m gonna find a way to use that… and soon! it’s not just asylum seeking immigrants that deserve these privileged women stand up for them, too many American women struggle with parenting with no support and policies that keep women–especially those who choose to have children, in second class status…. and then there are those the exercise their choice….. another discussion


  2. What you REALLY believe and would have DONE during Slavery, the Holocaust or for Civil Rights is revealed by what you say now. – America 1st, bigotry and social/economic fear-mongering were cause to stand on the wrong side of history in all of the above causes. – How important to you is liberty and justice for all? – How important is equality under the rule of law? – How important is a just and honorable nation? – Is it worth your vote or will fear and selfishness define your life?
    If it is OK with you to mistreat (like animals) women and children fleeing oppression for their survival please take the “pro-life” sticker off your SUV….the most heinous are those in denial; the self righteous moral equivocating and self serving ignorance of the evil and harm being done…
    ICE taking children as a “deterrent policy” is deliberately inflicting lifelong trauma on those most innocent and dependent on us for protection. – It is condemned by the UN. It is condemned by the places within us where we cling to our humanity. It does not matter if it is called “legal”: – It was legal to buy and sell others as property. – It was accepted practice to handout smallpox laced blankets to the “savages”.
    – It was “duty to country” to send the “vermin” to the showers and “cleanse the German homeland”. – It was law not only to look the other way but to actively participate by reporting any new child living with the neighbors next door or any who dared to speak of justice. – Any child harmed is one child too much…for this to be American policy is abhorrent and evil. – Never mind Sam Bee; any profanity falls short of describing the obscenity of defending this evil.


  3. Agree with your post and the comments (also have followed your blog now). What really irritates me so much, and is hardly mentioned, is that with all this talk of “civility” it is never mentioned that Drump’s behavior is somehow irrelevant. EXCUSE ME? I mean, he gets to make up nasty nicknames for people, mock women and the disabled, call other countries “shitholes” ~ the list goes on and on AND ON ~ but oh gosh a comedian said a bad word or poor Sarah couldn’t get dinner. Waaah.


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