That Sandwich Is Filled With Shit

“Rage is a substance waiting for our transformative efforts.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves

protest-shitI’m mad. I’m damned mad. I’m pissed. I’m enraged.

And I’m not alone.

Yeah. I know. Electoral college.

But still, the woman received nearly three million more votes and still didn’t get the job. And the man who slimed his way in on lies, innuendos, and abuse smirks and the woman who got him there smirks along with him.

Kellyanne Conway was born in 1967. Either she has no idea what women endured for her to get to where she was, or she doesn’t care. Todd if-it’s-a-legitimate-rape,- the-female-body-has-ways-to-try-to-shut-that-whole-thing-down Aikin was one of her clients.

No, she hasn’t shattered a glass ceiling. She comes from a long history of women who trash other women to climb to the top of the boys’ club. And I mean boys’ club. Not men. But boys. You know, how Melania referred to her 59-year-old husband’s boasts about grabbing women by the pussy.

Kellyanne was willing to eat the shit sandwich and say it was chocolate.

Well, I’m not. I did it for years, and I’m not willing anymore.

All you have to do is look at who Trump is bringing in to help him run the country. It is the nightmare of bosses, ex-husbands, co-workers, clergy, professors, and politicians we endured for years. They will take us back 50 years.

That was not a great America. That was an America where women died from illegal abortions; only white males were assured of the right to vote, earn a salary commensurate with their qualifications, and could beat the crap out of their wives and family with impunity.

In that great American, if you ate the shit sandwich and pretended it was chocolate, you stayed alive.

Well things are different now. The white men I know and love don’t think that America was so great because it wasn’t so great for them. These are men who are capable of having more than one idea and find smart, powerful women sexy.

Dare I say it—they have learned how to harness their feminine side.

And women who don’t think that America was so great don’t count on the power of their man to give them a place in the world, and don’t destroy women who have womaned up and embraced their lives as their own. And, they know that one can embrace a domestic life right alongside the life that happens outside their home.

Dare I say it—we have learned how to harness our masculine side.

And we don’t eat no shit sandwiches anymore. We know what shit tastes like and it doesn’t taste like chocolate.

The outcome of this election is an abomination. It took help from Russia, the FBI, and voter suppression for a man so clearly unqualified, a sociopath, to ascend to the most powerful office in the world.

He is a danger to us and to the world as we know it.

All this talk of the forgotten white working man, well, my father was a white working man. A union man whose union was destroyed by the sainted Ronald Reagan. The aftermath left him working his final five years without a pay raise. It affected his pension. It was a total denunciation of the value of his craft (he was a master electrician). He was humiliated.

He never—never in a thousand years would have fallen for the con job that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

Of course, the irony is that Hillary Clinton actually had policies that would have helped the working, middle class. But we never heard about them because pundits had to talk about her emails and the Clinton foundation.

Hillary Clinton had ambition and the desire to implement an ambitious vision—one that went beyond herself. One that was informed by what it takes to make a safe place for children and family in our society.

Sure she was flawed. But what did her in were not so much her flaws, as having the audacity to think that a woman could have ambition along with the smarts, the integrity, and the competence to enact that ambitious vision of the world. And she had that audacity when Kellyanne was still shitting in her diapers.

No, it is not time to get over it. It is not time to move on. That is what people who abuse you and get a way with it say so you’ll shut up. Lay down. Surrender to their ill-gotten power.

Nope. Not gonna’ happen this time.

Trump did not acquire the presidency legitimately. The welfare of the country, the integrity of the country, the idea of the country that actually makes America great are nowhere on his radar.

All politicians are somewhat narcissistic. But most of them do not exhibit it as a personality disorder.

He is not my president. I will not support this administration. I will fight however I can to make sure it either fails, or bends its trajectory to one that benefits the diversity of stories that actually do make America great.

I don’t know how. But I do know that I’m not alone.

Do not underestimate the power of the crone—the wise woman and man. We are mad. We are damned mad. We are enraged.

And we will harness our rage into transformative efforts.

We don’t eat no shit sandwiches, but we will relish the taste of fair-trade chocolates as we take to the streets, the airways, the halls of Congress, and flood our communities with the wisdom of the crones.

9 thoughts on “That Sandwich Is Filled With Shit

  1. Thank you for this. You will be pleased to know my daughter is flying to Washington DC to walk in the Women’s March on Jan 21st. Kelly would be so proud of her.


  2. It’s clear that Trump is dangerous. It’s not just that we disagree with him, the way we disagree with mainstream conservatives. He’s really dangerous. And add Putin the mix and we could be in real trouble. I’m looking back to some previous moments, such as the civil rights movement or the anti-Vietnam War movement. Those took a long time to develop, with various stages of support and action. This moment seems to be different. Right from the beginning there is a large group who are ready to protest. I remember well the moment in the anti-war movement when we adopted the slogan “From Protest to Resistance”. It took years to get to that point. I think this process will move more quickly. Trump will do something very stupid and risky probably pretty soon, and there will be people in the streets. Another aspect of this process as it develops is the support of Democrats, such as Warren and Sanders, and I hope others. It took years and years and years to get support from mainstream politicians for the civil rights and anti-war movements. I think we all have to be prepared to organize and support real opposition. I’m starting already, even up here in Toronto, by organizing an anti-Trump event on the campus where I work. I’m please to see the note from Susan Parker about her daughter’s participation in the Women’s March. This won’t be the last.


    • The main thing is, we cannot “normalize” this election. Thank god for Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’Donnell. We will keep this going. Thanks for reading and thanks for adding your considerably-worth-more than 2 cents worth


  3. January 20, 2017 will be a day that lives in infamy. If we survive 4 years of Trump and have not been exterminated via nuclear weapons or some other Trump surprise it will be a miracle. Since I don’t believe in miracles or any religious bullshit I fully expect to be dead because of Trump’s actions. Enjoy/relish to the max every living moment after Trump’s swearing in because they could really be your last.


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