A paint-myself-blue-and-dangle-the-head-of-my-enemy-on-the-neck-of-my-horse-Celtic warrior kind of day

There has been an Impeach Obama crew outside the local Post Office for some time now. I’ve heard about them, but never seen them myself – until yesterday. There was something about seeing the sign with Obama compared to Hitler that really rattled me.  It trivializes what Hitler did.

My paint-myself-blue-and-dangle-the-head-of-my-enemy-on-the-neck-of-my-horse-Celtic warrior kicked in.

I started by asking the group if they knew that winning an election was not an impeachable offense. When I pointed out that it was ridiculous to have Obama compared with Hitler since the color of his skin would have targeted him for shipment to a Concentration Camp, one of them accused me of being racist since Hitler also killed German people (for being Jewish, gypsy, homosexual, communist, or just because – but picky, picky, picky).

When I asked repeatedly what impeachable offense Obama committed, they said there were so many that I should just read their literature. I was joined by someone else who started questioning the group as well. They said we need to get rid of the traitors in Congress – traitors like Barney Frank.

Finally, exasperated because they wouldn’t answer my questions, I reached over to get a piece of their literature and all three of the Impeach Obama people freaked out. The woman practically threw herself over the literature, one of the men grabbed my hand, pressing it onto the pile of paper just as I was trying to pick it up so that I picked up several pieces. One tried to push me out of the way as another grabbed the paper from my hand. I held on and he ripped it out of my hand – that is I had about  three-quarters of the flyer, he had the other quarter.

It was at that point that they called the police to report that I was ripping up their literature.

In the meantime, the guy who had joined me in questioning the group called the police to report that I was being assaulted.

Three policemen showed up in separate cars. I overheard the one, after taking the story from the Impeach Obama people say, “You called because of that?”

I told the policeman who was questioning me that I had no intention of filing assault charges. He seemed relieved. He nevertheless asked if I was injured in anyway. I told him, no, other than my sciatica and we both agreed that while that was uncomfortable, it was not related to the call to impeach Obama.

A couple that had stayed to say they saw everything talked to the police. I asked them what they saw and they said I was uncivil because I was in their face – that I was aggressive in my questioning – that they saw me pick up several flyers and rip them up.

When I asked if they thought Obama was a natural born citizen, the man said he’s never seen Obama’s birth certificate. My better nature prevailed so I did not ask him for his IQ test. Instead, I pointed out that since Obama’s mother is a natural born citizen, that Obama was automatically a natural born citizen.

I finally asked one of the policemen if he would get a flyer from them so I could see why they wanted to impeach Obama. He got one and gave it to me – there was nothing on there about why Obama should be impeached .

I was rattled all day. My blood ran hot, you might say. And I’ve been trying to articulate why.

I’m writing this because I posted a synopsis of the incident on my Facebook page and I realized that it wasn’t clear that the police hadn’t come to arrest me, they had come to take my statement about being assaulted. I wanted to assure everyone that they don’t have to have bail-raising parties for me.

So, now that you can all rest assured that you don’t have to start a petition to release the Karen-Hogan one, I have some thoughts on why this group in front of the Post Office is so upsetting to me.

I wished I had asked the question: what happens after he gets impeached? My guess is they don’t know that he would have to face a trial, and then if found guilty would be removed from office. If not found guilty, he would stay in office.

If he were removed from office, Biden would become president.

I just have a sneaky hunch that they think impeaching Obama means removing him from office and then they can choose who get to choose the president.

Their ignorance really bothers me. And it’s ignorance wrapped in patriotism.

The other troubling part is they have no interest in answering questions. In fact, the couple thought that my asking questions was being uncivil, I was very aggressive. When I asked if the Obama with a Hitler moustache wasn’t offensive, they said it was freedom of speech.

The Republican leadership and Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs are empowering this attitude – an attitude of victimization and fear – victimized by and fearful of a world that is filled with diversity and ambiguity.

That’s what scares me: the empowerment of fear and victimization. If that prevails, we are really going to be in for it.

10 thoughts on “A paint-myself-blue-and-dangle-the-head-of-my-enemy-on-the-neck-of-my-horse-Celtic warrior kind of day

  1. ah yes. the empowering of the idiots…. oh wait. They (Beck/Limbaugh/et.al) are doing nothing to EDUCATE these people, but rather to simply play on their fears, and distract them from reality and from actually doing anything to affect change. oh wait… They don’t want change… they already have their pie.

    good for you, Karen…


    • Yo, Jenn. How are you? I just returned from SoCal — stayed in San Diego for four days. I like SD! As you suggested, I visited the Midway. Very interesting. I’m heading up north to Washington tomorrow to go to my uncle’s memorial (the one who died at 100 while we were at Sea Ranch).

      I think it will be interesting. There’s this project to document July 24th in video. I might do that.

      I feel like I’ve been on the move since I went to Sea Ranch. Will be glad to get settled back down (returning on Tuesday). Will write more then.


  2. Well, let me see if I can set you straight.

    I want him impeached too – does that call into question my IQ, or perhaps does it call into question your IQ because you disagree with me? Do you see where that is circular reasoning and really is degrading of a fellow Americans – shame on you.

    I want him impeached because I think he is skirting the limits on all the crap that pops up constantly about his administration – things that common sense tells you he was most definitely involved in. Yes, I think he had his fingertips in the Blogo issue as well, along with Sestack and Romanoff. I don’t like his recess appointments of people he KNEW would not get confirmed. He ran on this Hope and Change platform – making those who voted for him (NO, I was not one of them) believe he was going to clean up politics, but he has only served to deepen and further the already political corrupt cesspool in DC.

    You seem to think that the mother and mother alone confers not only US Citizenship but Natural Born Status as well. Where did you get that idea? Is it a law you made up in your head or have you actually read that in some legal journal, Constitution, Bill of Rights, or court finding? You do understand that NBC is not conferred to any of us from anyone – right? You do understand that only citizenship is conferred by either soil or parentage, but being a NBC is a persons STATUS at the moment of birth. And you questioned THEIR IQ?

    How in the world can a self-professed dual citizen, governed at birth by British Law be a NBC of the US?

    Why do you make the assumption that if Obama is impeached, found guilty and removed from office that these people don’t understand that Biden would become President? What did they say that gave you that idea – or is that just an attitude of victimization and fear that you dreamed up – to compensate for their lack of IQ?

    Obama is destroying this country from within. He has created such a deep divide among this countries races, classes, and political parties that if America does survive, it will take decades to repair the damage he has done.

    And trust me – I don’t like Beck nor Limbaugh, so they are not to blame for my attitude of victimization and fear. Obama is to blame for my attitude of victimization and fear and we are already in for it – as to the extent – that depends on how much longer he remains in office.


    • Ummmm . . . seems like I upset you.

      Making recess appointments is not an impeachable offense, otherwise Bush would have been impeached. The Sestak issue does not rise to either a high crime or misdemeanor. As for Blago, if there is evidence, let the impeachment proceedings begin.

      Yes, Obama is a natural born citizen because his mother is. He was also born in the United States. That also makes him a citizen.

      I did assume that the group did not understand the process because of the little bits and pieces they said, but the most important thing was that they wouldn’t give any reasons. They didn’t want to be questioned at all.

      As for Obama being divisive, I don’t think he is divisive by nature, I think it is racism and obstructive behavior by the Republicans that is creating the deep divisiveness.

      If you want him impeached, tell me what are his high crimes or misdemeanors. I repeat, winning an election is not an impeachable offense.


    • Sally,

      I’m hoping that you will reply and cite specific high crimes or misdemeanors Obama has committed. What is very frustrating is that the impeachment crowd calls for impeachment without citing reasons, which leads me to believe that you are upset that he got elected.

      Again, I’m hoping you can cite specifics.

      Karen Hogan


  3. Dear Mrs. Hogan,
    It’s a bad habit of mine that I picked up from a girl i once dated about a decade ago. She would curse like a sailor all day, and I’d beg her to stop, but she wouldn’t. Well, we broke up and sometime later, i picked up that habit. It’s been ten years now and i just can’t stop cursing when the moment is right for it. so in that spirit i want to say, “You are one bad bitch.” and i mean that in the best kind of way. When i sent u a mess. the other day saying not to go anywhere, that i was gonna need you, i had no idea… yes, gonna need ya. we all are. I do love a smart, wise woman. A scholar, and a gentle lady; there surely are so few of them.


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  5. The last time I ran into one of these wing-nuts was at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Obama was still in office that tells you how long ago it was. He had a poster with a photo of Obama with a Hitler mustache under his nose and was ranting out loud about impeaching Obama. My stomach churned with rage. I almost slugged the creep in the jaw but Joyce restrained me. “You slimy, racist, creep,” I shouted. (It made my blood pressure zoom into the danger zone but did not do any good). I haven’t seen any of these cultists lately. Is Lyndon LaRouche still alive?


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